Welcome to the New Official Sustainable Soundtracks’ Website!

For those of you who are new to Sustainable Soundtracks, welcome to our world!

I’d be happy to give you a short background and tell you a little bit about our current situation and what plans we have in the short term.

Sustainable Soundtracks was founded by me in 2015. We are using music to address some of the big challenges that the world and we humans are facing. After having been recording material between 2015-17, Sustainable Soundtracks started receiving invitations to play larger venues in the Fall of 2017. During the Spring and Summer of 2018, we started gaining some real international momentum, especially in the US. The team that is working with Sustainable Soundtracks has grown rapidly and currently 10-15 individuals are devoting much of their time and effort to Sustainable Soundtracks. There is one team in Stockholm, Sweden, focusing mainly on the creative side, producing more music and other content, and one team in the US (Chicago and Southern California), working with marketing and business. All team members are highly skilled and have a broad experience from working for many years in the international top level in the fields of music, business and marketing.

During the Fall of 2018, we will involve more people as we are preparing the first releases.

The whole idea behind Sustainable Soundtracks is to make a powerful contribution to the necessary transition to a sustainable world. We have recieved an overwhelming response to what we’re doing and we’re obviously excited by the vast variety of possibilities that have occured, including some very interesting possible collaborations and partnerships that we’ve been offered.

Obviously, from now on we will frequently post news and updates on this blog.

So, on behalf of the team, I’m delighted to welcome you to our world and I hope that we can all contribute to creating a much more sustainable world!

CJ Palmer,

Stockholm, Sweden,

Sept 6, 2018

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