The Fashion Industry - RiverBlue.

All industries need to participate and play an active role in the transition to a new, sustainable society. This short clip will give you a glimpse of some of the problems and challanges that are caused by the fashion industry. Obviously, the effects in this case, and many others, can be seen on so many levels; locally, regionally and globally. Also, they're hitting nature, oceans, animals, fish and humans on many levels, causing different kinds of severe damages to eco-systems, animal and human health, water supply, etc. etc. Another factor here is of course that working conditions, etc. for the people who work in the factories that produce much of the clothes we are wearing, are unacceptable.

As consumers, we have a huge power and a possibility to change this, if we ask our local dealers questions about the origin of components of the garment, how the clothes were manufactured, how they were dyed, how they were transported to the shop, how they were dyed, etc.

There is an increasing demand for clothes and other products that are produced and transported in the most sustainable way possible. Next time you go shopping, I hope you will ask all this questions, and that you will choose to buy clothes that live up to a high level of sustainability!

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