Dr. CJ Palmer graduated from the world famous Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, in 2002, received his Medical License in 2004 and obtained his Specialist certificate in 2011.

In 2011 he founded the wind power company Silver Road Wind Power, and in 2017 Palmer co-founded Verdivo Capital, an asset management company, focusing on investments in large scale renewable energy projects, of which he is the CEO.


As an award winning songwriter, Palmer's musical career has been focused on singing, songwriting and composing. As the singer, songwriter and driving force of pop-rock band ”CJ Palmer”, Palmer experienced international success with the band's debut album ”Everything That Shines” from which the singles ”34” and ”Always” became hit songs in Europe, the US and Asia.

Founder/CEO Chairman

Dr. CJ Palmer

Leveraging his nearly 20 years inventing and implementing globally recognized corporate sustainability frameworks, metrics and strategies with Ray Anderson at the global carpet tile manufacturer, Interface, Inc., Jim is a consultant and advisor to companies and other organizations seeking to create greater shared value for all their primary stakeholders including investors, customers, employees, and communities.  With Interface and over 40 Fortune 1000 scale consulting clients across B2B and B2C industry sectors, Jim has demonstrated that business has a unique ability to help solve society’s environmental and social challenges and in so doing reduce risk, create relationships, build brands, improve efficiencies, attract talent, and spark the innovation that drives business vitality and growth.


As a chemical engineer and MBA, Jim is as comfortable in the boardroom or factory floor working with a broad range of technical, marketing, sales, human resource and executive functions.  He is a recognized international thought leader, speaker and advisor having served two terms as Chairman of the US Green Building Council, United Nations Special Advisor, advisor to the Corporate EcoForum and liaison to the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.  

Chief Sustainability Officer

James E. (Jim) Hartzfeld

With over 40 years’ experience in finance, real estate and “C- level” management, Mr. Bogard, as a Founder and Chief Financial Officer of the Sustainable Solutions companies, is excited to be a part of the team dedicated to sustainability of our planet.   Bill built his home building company to over 500 homes per year before exiting prior to the last down turn.  During his building career he was involved in designing and developing over 35 communities and numerous commercial projects and was inducted into the Builders Hall of Fame in the State of California.


Bill is best known for his creativity in starting companies and investment strategies coupled with his financial knowledge. He has served on many Boards and syndicated numerous opportunities.  Bill was the Chairman of a Hospital Board for over 10 Years and has a Master of Business Administration in Finance.  He is a member of compass Bile Church and is active in Influencers West a Christian’s Men’s Organization. He is married to Lisa and has three children and five grandchildren.

CFO Board Director


One of the founders of akceler8 providing capital funding, acquisition, merger and strategic growth strategies for a number of industry segments...including Real Estate, Renewable Energy and Technology. An innovative leader in marketing strategies who has assisted a wide variety of significant brands (B2C and B2B) in numerous industry segments. Built and sold 2 marketing agencies: Latham/SRM (Walter Latham) a Relationship Marketing agency and Bodera, a Customer Engagement Marketing firm with a strong emphasis in Social Marketing and Community development. 


Best known for his ability to offer clients solutions through leadership, strategic thinking, branding, advanced analytics/segmentation, deep understanding of Transformative Technologies, Social CRM and the development of sophisticated multi-channel communications. Bob has been a frequent speaker across a multitude of industries, most recently with a focus on Renewable Energies and Impact Investing. He also serves on the advisory boards of Sustainable mPact and Maxletics.

Chief Marketing Officer & Advisory Board Chairman



Broad experience with management in government and international business, coastal, marine research, operations and resources. Special interests include governance policy and the use of data visualization, imagery and online tools working at the intersection of conservation, communications and problem solving. Extensive experience building teams, partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders in ocean exploration, conservation and sustainability. Personal networks in many disciples, sectors and fields in public, private and non-profit work domestically and internationally. Adept in the use of marketing and communication tools both new and traditional.

Director of Engagement Mission Blue


Paul brings together ocean businesses and investors in the WOC’s global alliance for leadership and collaboration in sustainable development, science and stewardship - “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”. He held senior positions with the UN and international environment organizations, working with industry, communities, foundations and governments in 30+ countries.

Founding President/CEO World Ocean Council


Chip Comins is the Chairman and CEO of the American Renewable Energy Institute, (AREI, Inc.), Founder of the AREDAY Summit, Expo and Film Festival, Managing Director of American Spirit Productions, President and CEO of W Energy, Inc. and Co-founder of the Green Girl Minute. He has produced and directed both long and short form documentary films for educational and broadcast television markets, including The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, DOE Wind Powering America, PBS, Link TV and BET.
A long-time advocate of developing and implementing renewable energy resources to abate green house gases and climate change, Comins advocates a business approach to solving both the economic and environmental crisis

Founder/Chairman AREI Inc.


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© 2018 by Sustainable mPact